quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011

3rd Phase

Cycle Aya+Qigong
in Peru 2011
With Ichiro

“Alignment with the 3 Worlds:
The Serpent, The Jaguar and The Condor”

Phase III - Closing works:
The Shamanic DNA of South America and Fire from East
From July to August/2011

 The Mandala of Healers in the Jungle and the Andes

     Honoring the tradition of the curanderos of the past, present and future with the Intent of:
a. Rescue, protect, actualise and transmit the ancient knowledge of Spirit.
b. Strenghten the alliance of the Guardians of the Earth
c. Heal the inner and outer Elements 

 I. Traditional Diet
 with Vajra Mushti/Shamanic Qigong trainning

A work to strengthen the body/the energy/and sharpen the awareness. 

 Katari Center(http://www.kataricenter.com)
From the 21st to the 31st/07/2011

       Curandero in charge: Ichiro Takahashi

       Curandero and Host: Herbert Quinteros

       Invited local curanderos: Don Miguel(Community of Lamas), Don Julio(Chayauita Nation) 

The Trainning
      The training is inspired by the ancient Indian martial art, Vajra Mushti(the holding thunder fist), practiced by the prince Gautama in his early trainning. It’s a series of body work movement of different animals aiming to change the brain chemicals to see the world through the perception of it’s respective animal. We learn from each animal the displacement of the body’s center of gravity, and the utmost natural and instinctual movement where we use a very little amount of energy.
This work awakens our ancient instinctual perception and expands our state of presence and at the same time we disengage the logical brain. Giving us a sharp and prompt response towards the environmental pressure. Thus, we gain power, flexibility, agility and resistance.

I   I. Closing Work of the Cycle of Alignment with the 3 Worlds in Cusco

10th to 14th of August

I           Intent: Recapitulation and Integration
           of the 3 Worlds Medicine and the 3 Powers

      Curandero/Qigong Instructor in charge: Ichiro
Musician, Andean Cosmovision Teacher and Host: Kike Pinto
With Invited Andean Curanderos

      Medicines: Ayahuasca, Wachuma, Mama Coca, Tobacco
      Practices: Ayahuaca ceremony, Wachuma, Qigong, Despacho(offerings)   
M  Main Themes: Andean and Amazon Cosmovision, Qigong Cosmovision and it’s main elements common principles.

Contact and Information

Ichiro, cel.: +51 1 989025331//wairaruna@gmail.com

Will answer punctually at: July 7th- 9th/18th-20th; August 1st - 8th
In Brazil: Diego Leite: +55(11)9999-4582//e-mail:falcaodofogo@yahoo.com.br