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“Water and Fire Shamanism Gathering”

Peruvian Rainforest and the Andes
From 6 to 21 of October 2007

The wisdom of the Peruvian Amazon and the Andes with Qigong practices

An Inner Journey Through the heart of ancient traditions of Peru

 Five days of diet in the middle of the Peruvian Rain Forest in the Centre Mayantuyacu with master shaman Don Juan Flores.
 Five days of work with the wisdom of the Andes in Carhuaz with the masters Don Tito and Doña Elbi La Rosa.

The Concept of the Work

Has the Intent to connect our very essence (the Nature within) and work with a pragmatic spirituality, we put together the two heads of the same serpent with two of the most important tradition of Latin America: from the Amazon and the Andes.

This journey is a deep inner dive inside the safe context of the ancient shamanic traditions from Peru.

The Journey

In the first part we will be entering through the doorway of the diet tradition with master plants of vegetalists from upper Peruvian Amazon. Each participant will enter a retreat in the context of isolation in a individual tambo (hut) with a specific master plant supervised by the master Don Juan Flores. The plants will be cooked at the centre with the local medicinal water (from the Mayantuyaku’s river which is constantly boiling. It’s temperature varies from 80 to 100 degrees Celsius). In the diet we cut out most of external stimuli for the sake of maximum benefit of healing and learning with the plants. In other words, we quit sugar, salt, spicy foods, meats, fat and the use of shampoo, soap and toothpaste as well. The diet is the core work of this tradition were we grow in quality in the realms of Inner Work through the intimate relationship with the Rain Forest and all the guardian spirits of the master plants. We will have 3 sessions with ayahuasca in a period of 5 days at the sacred land of the Centre of Healing and School of Traditional Medicine, Mayantuyacu. (www.mayantuyacu.com)

In the second part we will be moving to the heart of the Peruvian Andes in the city of Carhuaz where the Centre of masters Don Tito and Doña Elbi La Rosa is located. After the intensive work in the jungle we will be entering a process of restoring the body in the light of Andes spirituality facilitated by the masters La Rosa. The work will be infused by Don Tito’s music with his pre-Hispanic sacred instruments and the teachings of Andes Cosmology by Doña Elba. We are going to visit 2 of the most important sacred sites of the Andes: the archaeological site of Chavín de Huantar and the sacred lake at the base of the highest mountain of the Peruvian Andes. As part of the work, we are going to make offerings to the local spirits following the Andes’ tradition in order to invite the local spirits to guard the individual Work. (http://www.titolarosa.com)

The Intent for closing the work in the Andes is to gradually readapt the body and mind to return to the turmoil of daily life.

The Masters

Don Juan Flores - 57 years old

From the Ashaninka tribe, Don Juan was born around Ucayali river near Pucallpa. Having more than 40 years work with master plants he founded Mayantuyacu (the Centre of Healing and School of Traditional Medicine) with his wife, Sandra, in the year 2000 with the aim of protecting and sharing the knowledge of its tradition of master plants. The centre is located 3 hours from the city of Pucallpa on the top of a volcano were the river flows with a steaming medicinal water (80-100 degrees Celsius).

Don Tito La Rosa - 54 years old

Musician and researcher of pre-Hispanic sacred instruments, he has 11 CDs with shamanic themes. In 2001 Tito got a major recognition winning the Grammy Awards with Japanese musician, Kitaro. He also gives music-therapy workshops in the US.

Doña Elbi La Rosa - 46 years old

Psycho-body therapist, works with education, she is a specialist in Andes Cosmogony. She has worked with groups from many parts of the world.

The Guides

Ichiro Takahashi

Therapist, coach and instructor specialized in Energy Work. Works with Asian and Amazonian Traditional Medicine. He does research on the consciousness and human evolution potentialities under the light of shamanism and ancient traditions. Works with master plants since 1990.

Ana Lucia Guimarães

Producer, formed in arts of the body, researcher of aromatherapy for cleansing and protection of environment. Keeps on researching the use of essences in rituals and tradition, from different parts of the world.

The Route

Day City Program
06/10 Lima Gathering
07/10 Pucallpa Arrival in Pucallpa / visit to the Master Pablo Amaringo
08/10 Mayantuyacu Trip to Mayantuyaku
09/10 Mayantuyacu Diet
10/10 Mayantuyacu Diet
11/10 Mayantuyacu Diet
12/10 Mayantuyacu Diet
13/10 Mayantuyacu Diet
14/10 Pucallpa / Lima Trip to Pucallpa and Lima
15/10 Lima Trip to Carhuaz
16/10 Carhuaz Work in Carhuaz
17/10 Carhuaz Work in Carhuaz
18/10 Carhuaz Work in Carhuaz
19/10 Carhuaz Work in Carhuaz
20/10 Carhuaz Trip to Lima
21/10 Lima Back home


Maximum number of participants: 11 persons
Total duration of the Work: 16 days
Fee: U$ 2.520,00 per person
Payment: 31/08 - U$ 840,00
05/09 - U$ 840,00
01/10 - U$ 840,00

Please send an email to confirm your presence to:

analuciaguimaraes@gmail.com (Ana Lucia + 55 11 3722 0779 / 8109 5157) and
wairaruna@gmail.com (Ichiro + 55 11 9231 7599)

*We will be sending further infos for the payment

What is included in the fee

- Work with Don Juan Flores, Don Tito La Rosa and Doña Elbi La Rosa
- Guide and harmonization of the group - Ichiro Takahashi
- Sprays and florals for personal support - Ana Lucia Guimarães
- Hotel with breakfast: Lima (3), Pucallpa (1)
- Shelter with foods and plants: Mayantuyaku (5) and Carhuaz (5)
- Flight tickets: Lima/Pucallpa/Lima and Lima/Carhuaz/Lima
- Transfer in/out Lima, Pucallpa and Carhuaz
- Transport to the centres of work in Mayantuyaku and Carhuaz
- Travel insurance

What is not included in the fee

- Return flights from your Home to Lima.
- Your travel to and from the airport to meeting place.
- Your food during transit.

If you wish, bring some extra money for shopping opportunities along the way and for the extra plants to bring home.
This is of great help to the local econonomy.

P.S - We might keep money for food for the 7 days: 6, 7, 8, 14, 15, 20, 21/10. Around 30 US$ per day for 3 meals. Although, some of the days w’ill not need all the 3 meals on the road.

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Topanga Studio disse...

I have hosted Tito La Rosa in our studio in Topanga last fall. I have also practiced zhineng qigong for 8 years. And I have only heard great things about Juan Flores. Having come across your blog, I am thus very interested in finding out more:

what is the connection to qigong in the journey to Peru & Juan Flores in 2006? Are you still involved in such trips? Is it possible for Juan Flores to come to Topanga, California/the US?

Lotusfool disse...


i want to study shamanism in Peru.
Would you please be able to help me with information.