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IInd Cycle of the A+QG in the sacred lands of Peru
Under the auspices of the Elders from the Path

From May to August of 2012
With Ichiro

“The Mandala of the Healers 
The Shamanic DNA from the Amazon Rain Forest and from the Andes”


- Rescue, Protection, actualization and transmission of the ancient wisdom from the 4 directions in the context of the shamanic tradition in the Amazon and the Andes
- Strengthening, Healing, Development of the Consciousness
- Healing of the outer and inner Elements
- Strengthening of the alliance among medicine men and women

All the works contemplates the management of the energy and consciousness within the perspective of Tantric Shamanism and the art of the Inner Alchemy from the Qigong System.

The Medicinal Plants will be administrated following the intention of the each diet and the demand from each practitioner.

I. The Shamanic DNA from the Amazon Jungle: A+QG Diets

With the participation of the invited local healers
Medicines of the 5 Elements: purging, healing and master plants

Maximum number of practitioners: 19 people

D.1. 20th – 31st/May (Water Element)

Ukhu Pacha and the Under World: The World of the Serpent

Diving deep into the Under World, to cleanse the subconscious mind and strengthen the roots, the ancestry. The focus is on the first Tan Tien(energy center in the lower belly area). Caring and protecting the Jing, the vital essence and the sexual center. Energize the spinal cord and creating condition to the raise of the Kundalini Shakti.

D.2. 14th – 25th/Jun. (Earth and Fire Element)

Kay Pacha and the Middle World: The World of the Jaguar

Work on the strengthening of the cardiovascular system, tendons and bones; mindfulness centered in the center of the will and action. The focus is on the second Tan Tien (center of energy in the middle of the chest). Practices of the Martial Qigong and a neuro-physical work inspired in Vajra Mushti.

D.3. 28th/June – 09th/July (Air and Space Element)

Hanaq Pacha and the Upper Worlds: The World of the Condor

Opening and connection with the blessings from the Upper World. Amplifying the Inner Vision(beyond ordinary time/space) taking our perception to the heights of the Spirit’s Eye, Shen Gong.  Third TanTien, third eye, the Shen’s residence. 

II. The Andes’ Shamanism DNA

With Tito la Rosa, Kike Pinto and healers from the Q’eros community
Medicines: Mama Coca, Wachuma, Aya,  Willca and Tabaco.

  1. The Flight of the Condor with Tito La Rosa and Ichiro
    Huaraz/Chavin de Huantar

    from the 12th to the 18th of July

    Weaving the sounds and opening the doors of the inner mysteries with the vibration with the understanding of the luminous nature of every vibration. With offerings to the Pacha Mama(Mother Nature), the Apus(The Spirit of the Mountains), regulating  the lunar cycles and establishing connections with the Forces of the Nature(the Spirit of the Mountains and Lakes) around the sacred lands between the Black and White Mountains in the Northern Andes
    . We are going to close our process in the ancient site of Chavin the Huantar, more than 3 thousand years old Shamanic Site.

    Max number:13 people

b.      The 3 Worlds and the Qharpay: Ancient Initiation from the Andes tradition

with Kike Pinto and Ichiro

from the 2nd to 9th of August

Sacred initiation in the highest mountain from the Cusco area, Ausangate, with a process of death and rebirth in a bath in the sacred lake of Otorongo Cocha. The process will be oriented by a shaman from the Q’ero tradition and facilitated by Kike Pinto and Ichiro. Allows a deep cleansing on the level of the Soul and a reorganization of past initiations in order to renew a commitment with the Sacred Dimension.

Max Number: 10 people

Kausai Pah! For Life!

For more details and documents of each work contact:

Michelle Button: michelle.button@gmail.com
Ichiro: vitor.shin@gmail.com

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